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ACE SMP focuses on helping you recover your confidence. We believe hair loss is not the end of the road, and have developed effective ways of managing this problem regardless of the stage. Based in the local area, we take pride in our past victories over hair loss and are constantly improving our service to give you the best chance at another full head of hair. Please contact us through our booking form for enquiries.

Providing utmost quality services

Our dedication to the clients is providing utmost quality services. Our main goal is to satisfy every individual need. The services we offer include scalp camouflage and correctional work for all permanent makeup procedures. We provide all services in a relaxing and sanitary clinic environment, andour rates reflect our expertise while still being competitive. All our technicians are experts in their fields and always follow strict standards and regulations. The pigments we use are from manufacturers recommended by experts. Your safety is always our number one priority.

Refresh your luscious locks

Fed up of feeling self conscious about your hairline? Whether your hairline is receding or your hair is thinning, working with a hair loss expert to develop a treatment plan can help improve your hair. Many treatments available in mainstream pharmacies are expensive and have not been proven to be effective. Why go it alone? We can recommend both medications and holistic products that can be used alongside clinically-proven drugs.

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